Mosaic is passionate about not only what we build, but who we build with! We've set the bar high to attract an amazing senior staff that we're proud to call colleagues, one and all!


Jason Azevedo

Chief Executive Officer / Founder  |

In 2009, Jason co-founded Mosaic, taking on the roll of our CEO — his talents are far beyond running the company, with duties touching conceptual development, engineering, and deployment. He also assists with business development and client strategy and is an integral part of how we operate. Jason has worked on many key projects for companies such as Arista Networks, Best Buy, Costco, Disney, EA Games, Intel, Roku, Starbucks, Target, WalMart, and Warner Bros.

Majoring in Entrepreneurial Business, with a minor in Marketing from San Jose State University, Jason has had his heart in business development since an early age, starting a very successful apparel company that grew from humble garage beginnings to annual gross billings of over a million dollars. Jason donates his time and talents to San Jose's Christmas in the Park and is an active board member for this organization.


Steve Hermosillo

Chief Creative Officer / Founder  |

Steve founded New Vision Design in 1995 and has served as its Chief Creative Officer since. In 2009, he co-founded Mosaic and oversees our day-to-day operations, setting the tone for our approach and brand strategy that our agency delivers. Over the years, Steve has worked on significant assignments and product launches for companies such as Bell Helmets, CBS Radio, Intel, Oracle, Paramount's Great America, Roku, Sony, Sun Microsystems, Tessera, Varian Medical Systems, and Yahoo!.

Since 1987, Steve has been in the creative industry working as a production artist, designer, senior designer, and ultimately as a creative director for various agencies. During his career, he has been recognized for numerous award winning campaigns, and has been a guest speaker on the subject of design and creative direction at San Jose State University, Brooks College, Mission College, and De Anza College.

Other interests include an annual pilgrimage to Burning Man, cross country camping, adventure riding on motorcycles, history, writing and recording music with his band (PoetLab), and tropical third world travel.


Keven Azevedo

Director of Operations / Founder  |

Mr. Azevedo is known throughout the United States as an award winning printer for his work in the apparel industry, receiving accolades from clients such as Disney, Facebook and EA Games. His attention to detail and ability to run an efficient production team has allowed us to hold true to timelines and quality control. Graduating from San Jose State University with a BA in History, Keven also played soccer for SJSU. His commitment to excellence has followed him into coaching youth soccer teams for the last eight years, being recognized as training the number one team in the nation for four years in a row — three of his players have gone on to professional careers in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

In his spare time, Keven pursues personal passions: restoring classic cars and motorcycles, photography, camping, boating, watching American and foreign films and European travel. Oh, and because of his love of soccer, in turn, he watches a lot of soccer!


Christine McClure

Business Solutions Director  |

The lovely Ms. McClure is our most recent find... she's smart, witty, on her game, and has a clear plan on how she wants to add value to Mosaic and our clients — in other words, she's a keeper! Christine interfaces with our clients on many levels, ranging from meetings, project timelines, managing deliverables, domestic and international shipping and drayage, problem solving and aversion, and bridging the gap between client wants and needs and real-world design and production teams.

Majoring in Business Management with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship, and a minor in Legal Studies from San Jose State University, Christine spends much of her free time with family and friends and has been known to enjoy her nieces emphatically! Her free time is spent in many ways... outdoor activities such as hiking and bicycling, travels to lovely beaches, and skydiving, to name a few.


Jim Brasil

Product Engineer  |

Jim is our resident nerd — he's earned this badge of honor for his ability to take on any technological challenge and push through with super hero bravado. His role at Mosaic stems from his special gift, running our cutting edge digital efforts, along with being on our development team for all custom programming needs. Recently, he contributed to the design and fabrication of a completely robotic controlled CNC router for our internal use in building displays and conceptual prototypes for our clients — this would not have been remotely possible without his Trekkie skill set.

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University, Jim spends much of his free time driving his Audi sports car in the mountains and at track days, flying model helicopters, building custom solar panels, gaming with friends and family, and riding his quad with Mosaic staff.


Neal Prentice

Transformation Designer  |

Mr. Prentice delivers magic from his blessed fingertips, assisting in bringing our 2D scribbles to 3D light. Neal is a key contributor to the Mosaic team and has been in the mix since the 90's with New Vision Design, our parent company. Throughout his 25+ year career, he's contributed as a design director to campaigns for such recognized brands as Best Buy, Costco, Ernest Packaging, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, LSI, Microsoft, Roku, Seagate, Sol Republic, Target, and Walmart.

When Mr. Prentice isn't in the creative hot seat, he spends his free time strolling beaches, hiking through redwoods, trekking third world and European countries for unusual cuisine, and mountain biking.


Joey Lemus

Director / Digital Imaging  |

Mr. Lemus joined the Mosaic team in 2013 and has proven himself invaluable to our efforts! We're elated to have him on board as our Director of Digital Imaging. Joey works directly with our clients for all print needs, from silkscreen to large format murals.

Joey's role at Mosaic is to oversee all print production, interfacing directly with our clients to ensure file prep, color accuracy, and ultimately fullfilment of all projects within his realm. During his 25 year career in the print business, he's worked on a multitude of projects for companies such as Anheuser Busch, Aramark, Caesars Entertainment, Charles Schwab, Fairmont Hotels, IBM,, San Jose Sharks, Schneider Electric, Roku, and VMware.

Quick download: Joey's an avid mountain bike enthusiast, operates as a profession taxi service for his three boys, loves to cook, and enjoys travel throughout California locals such as Tahoe, Big Sur, and San Francisco.


Renata Costa

Account Manager  |

We're elated to have the spunky Ms. Costa on board! She's been with Mosaic since the company's inception and we'd be lost without her "all in" approach. Renata engages with our clients and internal teams to keep expectations and schedules grounded and on schedule.

Renata is currently enrolled at West Valley College, focusing on a degree in Interior Design. Her free time is spent in many ways... her love of animals has lead her to rescuing five, yes FIVE, dogs, one cat, and a squirrel. She enjoys swimming, painting and drawing, participating in charity events, camping, and riding her Suzuki quad with friends and family.


Nikita Azevedo

Marketing / Social Media  |

As our marketing specialist, Nikita brings over 7 years of experience in marketing and social media efforts to Mosaic. She sometimes assists with account management for our larger clients as well as small firms and organizations. Her strength is developing positive, long lasting relationships with all her clients, and we're proud to welcome her to our organization.

Graduating with honors from San Jose State University with a degree in Psychology, Nikita is our resident spitfire with tons of energy to spare, so stand back — she just may implode someday! Keeping up with her many interests is tough, but her top choices are motorsport racing, hunting for unique vintage collectibles, illustration, concerts, and international travel.


Jon Jurardo

Senior Production Artist  |

As a senior member of our production team, Jon has been with us from the inception of the company, specializing in taking raw materials and transforming them into finished products — he works in steel, aluminum, wood and plastics and has had amazing success with bridging the gap between manufacturing and demanding client needs. Moreover, Mosaic depends on Jon to adhere to today's quick turn, high quality atmosphere that our clients depend on us for.

Jon avidly follows the NFL, NBA and European soccer, as well as UFC bouts. Mr. Jurardo also enjoys spirited libations with friends and family, international travel, and movies.


Clyde Uchiyama

Manufacturing Tech  |

As our Manufacturing Tech, Clyde handles just about anything we throw his way! With common sense approach, real world experience, and a dash of tenacity, Clyde makes "it" happen around here. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Mr. Uchiyama has taken a variety of positions with prominent companies, ranging from inside sales for Hewlett-Packard, advertising rep for The Yellow Pages, and an installation technician for Green Foot Energy where he performed energy audits for residential and commercial properties.

During his private time, Clyde enjoys traveling throughout California and surrounding states to play golf, is an active league bowler, and loves international travel.


Greg Manjarrez

Senior Production Artist  |

Greg comes to Mosaic with 34 years of graphic production experience under his belt, and we're happy he's landed here! From computer creative applications, to silkscreen, to membrane switches, Mr. Manjarrez brings expertise and a breadth of knowledge to many of his core responsibilities.

When asked, "Do you have any hobbies?," we received big glowing eyes and this came out: "I collect and restore vintage tube radios, as well as phonographs from yesteryear. I love metal detecting, collecting bottles from the 1800's, off-road 4x4 rides, camping and hiking. But my biggest love is photography."

Our Distinguished Partners


Mosaic is pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Underfootmedia. Their unique printable non-slip floor material adheres to concrete, asphalt, carpet, tile, marble and is designed to withstand pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Perfect for marketing and advertising on tradeshow floors, parking lots, sidewalks, and business walkways.


The Velocity Group is one of our premier partners for trade show exhibits, environments and events. We've helped develop creative for a variety of Velocity clients, and they've helped many of our clients with national and international events. It's a win, win scenario!


Doors can't open on a new construction project until the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) are in place. Since 2002, Brinq employees have had experience managing FF&E installation for several multi-million dollar housing and hospitality projects. We've worked with Brinq not only to brand their company, but also to help brand their clients.


Cyclonix designs, fabricates and manages exhibits, events and environments for companies such as Specialized, VMware, Citrix, and, to name a few. We've partnered with Cyclonix on numerous projects since their inception in 2006.