Phase I—Definition

We listen to our client's ambitions and challenges to shape an understanding of their mission. We analyze and assess the needs, goals, and challenges facing your business and brand objectives. Once the objective is clear, strategic goals are established, outlining the project's purpose and scope, implementation plan, technical and budgetary requirements.

Phase II—Conception

A functional prototype gives the project structure and form. Sometimes, a customized brand language is crafted to give the brand it's unique appearance and personality. The brand language is then translated to the required media for optimal impact. All of our projects are engineered from a users perspective, with special emphasis on functionality, scalability, and clear and effective information design.

Phase III—Development

The project is developed by applying design to the conceptual blueprint of the project defined in phase two. The development may include: protoypes, art direction and production, video and audio creation and assembly, photography, coding and scripting.

Phase IV—Implementation

Full-scale implementation occurs in accordance with the objectives set in phase I through III. We test all components of the project defined to ensure we meet all set requirements that may include: consistency, materials, creative content, printing, technology platforms, and overall assembly.

Phase V—Cultivation

We implement a first-level support assurance for your projects. Appropriate documentation is delivered and necessary training is provided, as well as any maintenance executions and service agreements. Our ongoing brand cultivation procedures are aimed at optimizing your creative communication efforts.

Our Distinguished Partners


Mosaic is pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Underfootmedia. Their unique printable non-slip floor material adheres to concrete, asphalt, carpet, tile, marble and is designed to withstand pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Perfect for marketing and advertising on tradeshow floors, parking lots, sidewalks, and business walkways.


The Velocity Group is one of our premier partners for trade show exhibits, environments and events. We've helped develop creative for a variety of Velocity clients, and they've helped many of our clients with national and international events. It's a win, win scenario!


Doors can't open on a new construction project until the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) are in place. Since 2002, Brinq employees have had experience managing FF&E installation for several multi-million dollar housing and hospitality projects. We've worked with Brinq not only to brand their company, but also to help brand their clients.


Cyclonix designs, fabricates and manages exhibits, events and environments for companies such as Specialized, VMware, Citrix, and, to name a few. We've partnered with Cyclonix on numerous projects since their inception in 2006.